Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing Hard Ball

In another desperate attempt to stick it to the NFL, the players’ union has been putting pressure on potential first round picks not to attend the draft in April. The NFLPA (Players Association) apparently has contacted the 17 top prospects likely to be invited by the league and have recommended they not attend.

This is an immature and shameful attempt by the players’ association. They are trying to pressure and influence guys who are not part of the union yet. They are trying to take away a once in a lifetime experience that these players have rightfully earned through their years of hard work. But don’t worry, one source told ESPN analyst Adam Schefter that they plan to give the prospects the "same experience down the street." What is this, high school? They’re going to throw their own party down the street from the cool kids and have a super duper fun time by themselves with no jersey or cap to receive after walking to the podium in front of the nation to kick off their professional careers. Yeah, great trade.

For a group of guys who have tried to make themselves out to be the victims, the NFLPA has turned from the oppressed to the oppressor. If they think they will be able to scare the owners with this rinky-dink tactic, I’m afraid they’re mistaken. If 16 days of mediation didn’t work, I doubt this will have a significant impact. Players present or not, the draft will still sell out and have millions of television viewers. It’s time for the players association to put their toys away and act like adults. Man’s game!

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